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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the property taxes?

What happens to the land and equipment at the end of project life?

What happens in the development phase versus operations phase of a solar project?

What can be reused or recycled from a solar farm?

What are the land requirements for a solar farm?

What are the benefits of a solar farm?

¿Quien paga los impuestos sobre la propiedad?

¿Que sucede en la fase de desarrollo en comparacion con la fase de operaciones de un proyecto solar?

¿Que sucede con la tierra y el equpo al final de la vida del proyecto?

¿Que se puede reutilizar or reciclar al final de la vida util de un proyecto solar?

How do solar farms affect property values?

Does developing a solar farm create jobs?

Unlock Your Property's Hidden Value

OCI Energy has a strong commitment to landowners, and we have one of the best track records in the solar industry. The land we begin developing now becomes an operational solar or battery project later, but we can’t do it without you!

Solar and battery farms are a great way to receive a stable income stream from your land for decades to come, requiring no investment of money or time from you. As a bonus, OCI Energy pays the land taxes for the duration of the land lease.
If you have clear and relatively flat land and wish to secure your family’s financial future, consider partnering with us. Your property may qualify as a candidate to lease for solar or battery energy storage development, and you would gain a constant source of income without paying any additional property taxes.
If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out the inquiry form to the right. You can also call (210) 453-3202 or email
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